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The Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISL) is an academic/research unit making part of the Department of Automation of the Technological Institute (TEI) of Piraeus. ISL was established in 1999 with the mission to provide advanced educational and technological services and solutions in two main areas:

  • systems that use micro-controller technology to provide new or enhanced functions and features - including the capability for "intelligent" behaviour. Examples of such systems include Web-enabled industrial controllers that service http requests on the Internet or networks of intelligent devices ("agents") that collaborate to provide advanced functionality with increased efficiency and reliability;

  • systems that integrate conventional control engineering approaches with modern "intelligent" computer-based optimisation methods. Systems built in this way achieve better levels of performance by incorporating the best of areas of computational intelligence such as fuzzy inference, artificial neural networks, reinforcement learning, case-based reasoning, genetic algorithms etc.

ISL promotes these solutions in a range of sectors and application areas. An indicative list includes:
  • public utilities and services, including water treatment and water distribution, surface and underground rail transport, electrical power systems and more;
  • motion systems, including various types of industrial machinery and loads driven by linear and rotary actuators and operated by electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic power under computer control;
  • engineering education, including methods and tools for teaching applied micro-controller technologies, Internet-based learning and other innovative didactic methods.

ISL main premises are situated in the central complex of the Institute in Egaleo, Athens (in Building A, first floor, and in Building C, ground floor). Available infrastructures include office space and facilities, networking and computing equipment, various testing and experimentation rigs, electronics equipment and measurement instruments, electronic and mechanical workshop etc.

ISL also participates, as an afiliated research unit, in the activities of the Division of Mechatronics Applications of the Centre for Technological Research of Piraeus and the Islands (CTRPI) - a RTD organisation attached to the Piraeus Institute of Technology and operated firstly in 2002. The mission of the Centre is to provide high added-value services to key sectors of the local economy and society, with a focus on the region of Piraeus and the Islands.

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